Inventory Management System


Get a grip on your inventory operations to streamline your overall selling process.

A robust and integrated inventory management solution that comes with industry standard features and functions that will drive you through the entire selling process from purchase to sales to shipment. Automate your key operational tasks such as managing stock levels, reporting finances and processing orders.

This cloud solution will store all your inventory details in a secure database and enable you to get instant access to it using any device from anywhere in the world.





Our Key Features

Inventory Management

Streamline your inventory operations through advanced inventory control, inventory optimization, inventory management and automated restocking.

Order Management

Navigate sales, orders, deliveries and inventory levels to give a boost to your profits and reduce the complexity of your entire selling process.

Accounting & Finances

Be updated about your taxes, account payables, account receivable and cash flows while track down your transaction with particular buyers and sellers.

Reporting & Analytics

Get updated with reports that provide insights and information consistently and reliably regarding your purchase, inventory, sales and finances.

Multiple Location Management

Simplify your inventory control, optimization and management, efficiently across multiple warehouse and locations in an integrated way.

CRM Tools

Get insights about your customer’s ordering pattern, purchase detail and transaction history to boost the productivity from the bottom line..