Newsportal Solutions

Newsportal Solutions

Build a news portal best for your readers and editors.

Database Driven Dynamic News Portal to create, edit and publish news, articles and infographics across multiple categories.

Dynamic Advertising Space

Enjoy the advantage of having the right of placing advertisements where you like. Advertisement can also be placed as per the device type.

Multiple Categories

Share news and information across multiple categories and assign specific news to related categories. Also assign sub categories to your main category.

In-Built SEO Tools

Generate Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords for the respective posts and boost the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranks of your site organically.

Web Push Notifications

Share updates, breaking news and latest news with your subscribers regularly across Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers.

Analytics Tools Integration

Track & Monitor how your audience are viewing your website and analyze your traffic to improve to make your website more successful.

Content Management System

Customize the content and even in some of the case the layout of the website, sophisticated and user friendly Content Management System will be developed.

Content Management System

Get Instant Control Over Your Contents

Recognizing the need of a news portal to customize the content and even in some of the case the layout of the website, sophisticated and user friendly Content Management System must be a foremost priority. Content Management System must be designed in a way that gives you instant access to your content, enabling you to add and remove pages and allow multiple collaborators to create, edit, preview and publish your contents. Even if your Content Management System is full of features it must be custom tailored to suit your needs in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Avail yourself on our specialization of designing and developing Content Management System.

Web Push Notification

Break News Instantly With Your Audience

Today's digital space is very buzzing and crowded with thousands of content creators. In a situation such as this, it will always be a challenge to get the audience to re-engage with your news portal. Web Push Notifications might be the best tool to deliver news and updates in real time to have your audience re-engage with your portal consistently. Web Push Notifications can be the winning strategy for your news portal. Upon proper implementation, you will be able to build and retain your audience base. We will assist you to harness the benefits of Web Push Notifications and help you build a sophisticated news portal.

A Paradigm Shift: Heading towards Digital

Chanakya Post has gained a reputation as a prominent Nepalese Economic magazine on its journey among the corporate and business community of Nepal. With tens of thousands of monthly subscribers, it has been hailed as the most effective medium to debate regarding the business and economic matters of the country.

Nepal has undergone significant social, political and technological shifts which has most profoundly changed the way people communicate.The wide adoption of Internet has created huge opportunities for the Internet Media companies to disseminate information instantly across all the regions of the country.

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