SME Global Package

Optimize your Growth Digitally

Creating a distinctive image in the digital platforms will help you emerge as the industry leaders in your respective field.

Website Design & Development

Craft your website to enhance User Experience and serve Functionality.

  • Dynamic & Responsive Website
  • User Friendly CMS
  • Analytics Integration

Search Engine Optimization

Harness the strength of search engines to attract potential customers.

  • Built-In Plugins
  • Site Audit
  • Keyword Tracker

20 Sets of Advertisments

Execute ads beautifully which will help you strengthen your differentiation strategy.

  • Positioning Advertisement
  • New Products Announcement
  • Sales Advertisement

Social Media Integration

Leverage the power of social media to increase your brand awareness.

  • Social Share
  • Social Messaging
  • Social Proof
The Power of Integration

Integrate all your marketing efforts to succeed digitally

Regardless what industry you're in, integrated marketing strategies can further optimize your digital strategy.

SME Global Package is a bundled solution that will get your message across specific audiences through website and social media. Leveraging the power of these digital medium will help you position your product & services and brand message in a consistent and efficient manner.

Benefits of Integrated Marketing:

  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Consistent & Clear Message
  • Solid Positioning
  • Boost Profit

Positioning authentic taste from the Himalayas in the heart of Goldcoast, Australia

With the increasing internet, mobile and social media penetration rates there has been an immense need for brands to use digital platform to connect with their customers.

This need has even been crucial for the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises as 90% of businesses of this size fails in the first two years of operation. More than most other factors, the role of the poor and unorganized digital strategy has been critical to this high rate of failure.

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