Sports Management System

Sports Management System


Database-Driven Content Management System (CMS) will allow you quick and efficient updates of Fixtures, Results, News and Articles regarding your tournaments. Manage multiple tournaments across different sports category on-the-go.

Tournament Manager

Create tournaments across different sports categories. Add, edit and share your tournament’s Fixtures, Venues, Live Score, Results, Standings, News, Articles and Teams & Players.

Document Manager

Enhance your Document Handling process by storing, managing, sharing and retrieving documents across multiple devices in a secure environment.

Financial Manager

Keep track of your tournaments expenses and income statements, get alerts and notifications on timely and interpret the results with in-built infographic tools.

Events Scheduling

Create and Share meetings, games, tournaments and events with your team members and share it to your team members through email notifications.


Generate detailed and customized match reports and statistics using built-in pie-chart, bar-graph and line-graph tools and share them instantly with your users.


Send instant messages to the users, set up automatically generated confirmations and notifications and share MIME file types through our inbuilt communication tools.

Online Registrations

Automate your administrative works by creating forms for teams, players & audience registration and media accreditation and send alerts and notification via message or email.


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