SME Unlimited Hosting

It’s time to shift to unlimited hosting packages if your website has exceeded limited hosting options. SME Unlimited Hosting package offers unlimited hosting space optimized for speed and efficiency, guaranteeing that your site runs smoothly. With unlimited sub domains you will be able to host your suite of web applications underneath a single cPanel account, saving your cost and resource. Furthermore, SME Unlimited Hosting will give you the ability to use Web Mail services in its maximum potential to help you grow your business. To subscribe to SME Unlimited Hosting, you must pay the full amount up front, and the plan will renew at the regular price once your term length has expired.

SME Hosting Suite

In order to drive your success on the internet, an excellent web development is necessary most of the times. A website’s hosting has a significant impact on your page load speed. For you to excel in the internet a fast loading website will help you with better SEO rankings, lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates. SME Hosting Suite will get you covered with a high-performance hosting solution you can rely on, whether you have a new website or a high-traffic commercial website. With a full set of features and turbocharged speed and performance, SME Hosting Suite will provide you with power and reliability to make your dreams come true in the internet.

SME Global Hosting

In order to support your growing audience base and signify your digital presence, a fast and secure web hosting is essential. A web hosting does not only make your website live on the internet but also helps you in establishing strong customer experience.  We ensure that your website is fast, safe, and always accessible, so that your users have a mesmerizing web experience. SME Global Hosting is performance-optimized and pre-structured for easy maintenance. SME Global Hosting is designed so that your website has enough space to showcase products and services and narrate your brand story to thousands of users at a time.

SME Base Hosting

It is not only important for you to have a website in order to enhance your online presence. A fast web hosting is an enabler for your website to enhance the overall customer experience. We ensure that your website is fast, safe, and always accessible, so that your users have a mesmerizing web experience. SME Base Hosting is performance-optimized and pre-structured for easy maintenance. SME Base Hosting is designed in a way that your informative website will have adequate space to display products and services while handling significant web traffic.

SME Identity Pack

SME Animate Suite

SME Social Media Marketing

In the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, it has been difficult for brands to communicate with their customers in different social media platforms. Smaller brands have found it extremely challenging to unify their social media marketing campaigns through a single package as different social media platforms have their own media and content formats. With Small and Medium scale brands in mind, we have designed SME Social Media Marketing to help them establish a solid presence across social platforms to attract the right audience at a minimal investment. With our years of expertise across industries, we will help you craft comprehensive social media strategy, plan, create & design contents as per your target audience, manage advertisements and generate reports for your team to evaluate your social media journey.

News Portal Business Suite

With the rapid digital inclination of the consumers all around the world with internet being the place to communicate and commerce, Media Houses around the world have opted for a News Website to disseminate news and information to their audience. News Portal Business Suite is designed with a growing news agency in sight. To cope up with your growth, News Portal Business Suite covers every functionality required to help any news agency to navigate their growth to the next step. Embedded Editorial Tools will help editors and news reporters to customize their news articles while the embedded highlight and sharing tools will help them to push the news to the fingertips of their audience.

News Portal Global Package

With the increase in mobile and internet penetration rate, the way news used to disseminated has changed considerably. We have seen a fundamental transformation in the business model of the news broadcasting industry as a result of digitization. News Portal Global Package has been designed with an aim of facilitating News Agency and Broadcasters in their transition towards Digital Platforms by launching their own news website. With the growing and local news agency in consideration, News Portal Global Package addresses their need of the full fledged news portal at a low cost. With Embedded SEO, Editorial and Sharing tools, your news website will disseminate news and information within a click of button to your news hungry audience.

Ecommerce Business Suite

According to a recent Javelin research, eCommerce accounted for 11% of retail purchases last year. Meanwhile, eCommerce sales in the G20 range from 23 percent in China to 2.2 percent in India, regardless of the fact that shows a absence of widespread adoption in these regions. With the global economy. Whether its Washington, Tokyo, Delhi or Kathmandu, eCommerce sales are anticipated to surge by billions. By subscribing to Ecommerce Business Suite, businesses of today and tomorrow will be able to benefit from a full-fledged marketplace to enhance the customer journey, provide shoppers with robust analytics and initiate pull marketing through real-time content-based marketing at a time when government policies and infrastructures have supercharged the digital sphere.